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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

They all laughed

Back in 2001 when the Twins took a high school kid from Minnesota as the number one overall draft pick people in the baseball world gave a little chuckle. They said that the Twins were looking for the hometown discount and missed out on a pitcher by the name of Mark Prior. Six years later the Twins’ Terry Ryan gives one of those evil genius laughs every time Prior’s name is uttered. ESPN is now saying that Prior will mast likely start the season in the minors after posting an 0-2 record with a 9.82 ERA. I think I may be in love with Terry Ryan.

Prior had one good season going 18-6 and spent pretty much the rest of his career on the DL. Chairman Mauer only became the second youngest player to win the batting title and the first ever catcher out of the AL to take it. I don’t foresee Prior winning the Cy young any time soon and I sure as hell don’t see him breaking 150 wins. Mauer, who is 2 years younger than the Cub’s pitcher, has a few batting titles left in him and his main competition may just be his good friend Justin Morneau. People can argue that he had knee problems and just had a minor leg injury… I say F that. We can put Mauer in the outfield or as the DH if problems persist. Try teaching Prior how to field and hit, Piniella.

When asked about Prior starting the season in the minors Terry Ryan offered this, “Prior? Minors? Meh, Heh, Hah, Hoo!”

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