Some People's Kids: Duck Fuke!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Duck Fuke!

Even if they don’t win another game VCU is already my George Mason. That game was the shit! People bled who weren’t named Hansboro. Paulus got beat up in an all around physical game. Duke’s bitching didn’t help- I loved watching the refs tell Duke players to get off of the ground when they were trying to get calls. That buzzer beater was amazing, it’ll probably make the top ten all time tourney simply because it took those snobby bastards out in the first round. Eric Maynor was so great that I didn’t mind having the fact that he grew up in Duke country pounded into my head by the announcers. VCU even lost their bid man! That defense was stellar. I told you that the 6 seed was a stretch. I told you. Finally we have an upset, and its one that nobody is really upset about. The only thing that would have been better is if Paulus cried a la Adam Morrison. Now Coach K has more time to focus on his career as an insurance spokesmen or deodorant or whatever crappy product deems him worthy. I hope the team doesn’t go home and order strippers to get over the loss, we all know how that is going to end…

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