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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


With the Wild regular season coming to an end, and each game meaning more in terms of the division race. It is time for us here at Some People's Kids to focus more on my Favorite hockey team. I am planning on doing either some sort of live-blog when possible and at the very least a write up on each game.
Tonight the Wild faced Calgary. With every point for both teams meaning so much, this game should have a playoff feel.

1st period:
-That period was going super fast until the goal review.
-With all of the college hockey lately, it is very obvious to me how much faster this game is then the college game. Wow, these guys are good. The Wild are all over the place.
- With about 4:30 left it looked like the Wild scored, but after the longest goal review ever they called it off. I don't know if the goal was ever signaled for on the ice.
I hate how the NHL has this dumb review process where they have to go to Toronto and have someone tell them what happened. On a night like tonight when there is a ton of games I'm sure that they can get goals that need reviewing happening at the same time. This review just blew up the flow of the 1st period.
-It was nice to see the Wild come back after the review and still have the same fire they had before, a goal would have been nice.

2nd period
-Started to get chippy. Boogard would have been helpful tonight.
- Kipprosoff is good. 29 saves after two.

3rd period
-Nik is good at goalie, makes it look easy, nothing is ever spectacular looking and I love that.
-That stick in the glass was kinda funny.
-They finally showed a better angle on the disallowed goal. I guess iit could have been high, but hard to call with what was available.
-Carney made a great play towards the end of the calgary pp by taking the body, I'm not sure who it was on but it was a great play.
-How can they call a penalty like that this late in the game. They were letting them play all game and now he decides to make a questionable call late.

-Timberwolves suck (up by 20 some late lost by 7)
-Gaborik and Demitra had a great opportunity late in the period, gabby had a hard time getting good stick on it, it hit side netting. That was the prime situation as a Wild fan this late in the game, too bad they couldn't convert.

I am getting sick of Demitra going wide like that, it's hard to do it again and again when they know what's coming. It was all good early but something new please.
Tough loss for the Wild tonight, they played their asses off. Like I said earlier this game had a real playoff feel, besides the damn shootout, it'll be nice when we can just play these games out. It's tough when you play so well as a team for 65 minutes then you have to hand it over to some individuals.

Stars of tonight have to be the two goalies and Gaborik with 6 shots on net and he was all over the place. Vancouver is up 1-0 late in their game at Colorado, we could use another Vancouver loss, so go ave's. The Wild have jumped up in Sportsline's power rankings to 3rd, looks like our little team is starting to get some attention.

Go Wild

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