Some People's Kids: NEPOTISM

Sunday, March 4, 2007


With the Wild there always seems to be some controversy surrounding who should be our goaltender. Last year we had Manny Fernandez and Dwayne Roloson, until we traded Dwayne away. After the trade Dwayne went on to carry the Oilers until getting hurt in the 1st game of the Stanley Cup Finals. This year it has been mostly Manny, with Nik Backstrom and bits of Josh Harding. The past 10 games or so, besides the one he missed due to injury, Nik has played and he has looked great. He got the opportunity to play due to Manny's injury. He has been consistent, which is something we have always lacked with Manny.
To me there always seems to be one factor that gets overlooked in the goalie decisions that have been made here. This factor is the fact that Manny is the nephew, of Wild head coach Jacques Lemaire. Very little is ever made of this, but to me this seems to be a text book example of Nepotism. He may have earned all that he has gotten, but I feel that more should be made of this. I know that Lamaire is not the end all when it comes to decision making for this organization, and they have made some great moves. I just wonder what went into the decision to trade Roloson instead of Manny.
I have read that Nik is going to start tonight, over Manny, which is hard to argue with, seeing how well he has played in the last ten. But he played just as well in the games when Manny was just getting rest. He seems so much more consistent then Manny, which we all know he never has been. He is always dealing with attitude issues.
I wonder what is going to happen after this season, will Jacques just sign his family up for some more hockey or will the Wild make a change. I think that Harding and Nik can be the future of this organization, and I would like to see them take us to the next level. I hope the nepotism can be taken out of the decision.

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