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Monday, March 26, 2007

I work, the world watches great basketball

Yesterday two great basketball games and one that set up a championship rematch occurred all while I was stuck at work. I refuse to comment on the Florida-Oregon game because Joakim Noah is a punk and they’ve already gotten more than their fair share of coverage. I hope Arron Afflalo gets his revenge and destroys the Gators next week. UCLA is less cocky, plays better defense and I’d rather not witness a pelvic thrust while the winners hoist their trophy.

The game that I missed that angers me the most was UNC-Georgetown. The game was an instant classic and I don’t have ESPN classic. I SOL. The game sounded amazing and ended with UNC chocking in overtime. I have Georgetown winning it all, so I’m glad to see that they came out on top. Now we get to see grandpa Oden go up against another NBA caliber center in Roy Hibbert and a chance to see if he can handle someone closer to him in ability. I had been under the assumption that Mike Connelly Jr. had been more important to the Buckeyes in the tourney until I saw this. I’m sticking by Georgetown because I believe they came out of the tougher conference and region and have more upperclassmen in the starting line-up.

The final game I missed yesterday was the Timber wolves over the Blazers. Garnett at the buzzer, are you kidding me? I don’t think people realize how good his season has been, this is his third best season… in his best season he won the MVP and in his second best he should have won it. Not a single person even mentions his name for the MVP and I understand that some of it depends on making the post season but imagine this team without the big guy. We’re talking Celtics bad. The other thing I liked about this win was that I believe the Blazers will be a very good team in the not too distant future.

We may not have had a Bracey sighting, but Randy Foye’s Ben Gordonesque performance in the fourth makes me feel better about a team that probably won’t make the playoffs. (And honestly I’m not sure I want them to make the playoffs if they are going to lose 3 straight to the Mavs and owe the clippers a draft pick for Jaric) Maybe it would be better to start James in hopes of drumming up some trade talk. I could handle packaging Davis and James for a big guy and something, then and handing over the reigns to the younger guys next year.

I’m just going to bring a TV to work from now on.

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