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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wild Time!!!

With the Wild regular season coming to an end, and each game meaning more in terms of the division race it is time for us here at Some People’s Kids to focus more on my favorite hockey team. I am planning on doing either some sort of live-blog when possible and at the very least a write up on each game.

Today the Wild will face the Quebec Nordiques… no, The Colorado Avalanche... either way they are facing a team that probably won't be making the playoffs. Joe Sakic and Co. will attempt do what Calgary achieved in the last two games by coming off the ice with two points. Before the game starts I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you that the Wolves suck even when KG has a 20 and 20 game and that Gilbert Arenas hates Micheal Ruffin. Back to hockey... with 4 games left the Wild still have a chance to take first in their division. Must. Stop. Typing... GAME ON!!!

18:39- Early power play goal by Gaborik, nice to start fast unlike the last one vs Calgary.
13:06- I have faith that Boogaard will use his fists today.
8:43- Harding has one hell of a save. Should third stringers be that good? Stupid officials are calling for a replay. We got screwed last time. No mas

1st Intermission
The Wild survive the Avs first power play and outside of Gabby's goal there is not much excitement to speak of. Time to watch the heart wrenching sports story that always finds it's way onto a sportscast.

Period #2
17:32- Avs are on a power play. Didn't know this but the Avs are 11-1-2 in their last couple of games.
15:35- with 3 seconds left on the power play John Micheal-Liles scores a goal.
13:05- Boogaard smashes a dude and Burns ends up with a penalty. I definitely likes the last period better.
6:33- Avs score again. The Wild are putting themselves in a bad position with all of these penalties.

2nd intermission
The wild escaped the rest of the period without giving up a goal, but I think Pavol Demitra Rolston and PMB will have to step up if we are going to win this thing. If we're going to lose this thing Boogaard is going to have to step up and crack some skulls... Poke his brains out!!

Period #3
19:36- Bastards start off with another penalty. This is beginning to look like a Wolves game.
14:18- Wicked! The Wild get a 5 on 3 for 40 seconds. Make me regret that last comment guys.
12:04- Horse Shoes and hand-grenades, fellas. Now is not the time to start losing hockey games
3:22- It's crunch time. We survived another power play, and now we need a goal like Tara Reid need rehab.
4.7- Harding got pulled but had to come back on after an off-sides.

We got killed by penalties and had only a hand full of shots on goal in the 2nd and 3rd periods. I'm making Bez do the rest of these so they stop losing. Time to watch the Final Four.

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