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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Usually Unusual

Unbelievable T-Wolves, unbelievable! Finding out about the Timberpuppies blowing a twenty-five point lead was about as surprising as reading another blog about how much Joakim Noah is ugly and sucks at life. I think Dick Vitale would agree with me. But the thing that was surprising was that the T-Pupps managed to score 71 points in the first half. This maybe dim glimmer of hope as the season continues to stumble beyond mediocrity and into the backyard of painful. Minnesota fails to score a field goal for the last 6:38 of the game, breaking the all time record of longest drought without a field goal to end a game, set by the Middlebury, Vermont third grade girls B team. Rashard Lewis laid a massive beat down of the Timberwolves in the fourth quarter by scoring 21 of his 35. All in all, this will be the low point of a dissapointing season, by an overrated team, with high expectations. But the inevitablity of this letdown is something to take comfort in. We as fans now don't have to pretend we want to make it to the playoffs, because there is always a chance. We can now openly express our opinion about secertly wanting the team to take it in the ass for the remaining games, so they don't have to give up their shot at the Oden/Durant lottery. And starting from this point on, we here at Some-Peoples-Kids are vamping up the effort to get our main man Bracey Wright some much needed court time, to show us and "Pacman" Jones what it takes to really make it "rain".

I also find it hilarious that the Timberwolves are having a back to the 80's retro night, when they only existed as a team for a whole three months in 1989. But hey, whatever gets your pants off...

Free Bracey Wright!!!

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