Some People's Kids: Why do you hate me so, selection committee?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Why do you hate me so, selection committee?

Topic #1: Sure, the selection comittee has got a hard job, blah, blah, blah. Yes, CBS doesn’t make it any easier by giving them a deadline to hand the brackets in. No Excuse! Every year the NCAA tournament selection committee shits on my parade. This year they put 3 of my bracket busters in the same damn region. I was counting on Davidson, Winthrop and Old Dominion to sneak under the radar and help me dominate my pools. No dice, if Davidson and Old Dominion do manage to win their first games they will play each other. I had not factored this into the equation. Thank god VCU gets a shot at Duke. Unless the Blue Devils start breaking noses again, they have no chance. That 6 seed was one hell of a gift.

Topic #2: The CBS Corporation should probably think about suspending the award winning programming like the Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and Search for the next Pussycat Doll over at the CW so that they can offer viewers some options during the first few rounds. Granted, they can make some good money off of some sort of pay-per-view package, but I bet they could make just as much by cramming advertising down our throats on two channels. If ABC had the rights to the tourney I guarantee we would get games on the ESPN networks. I bet NBC would put games on MSNBC and CNBC like they did for the Olympics. The world is a better place when I can get an overdose from college basketball. Do something for me CBS.

Topic #3: mid-majors. What is the deal with having less at-large bids for the smaller conferences a year after one proved just how well these smaller teams can play in the tourney? George Mason goes out and rips shit up and now we have a smaller chance of seeing a repeat. Its like the big conferences got together with the committee in order to make sure that nobody finds out that playing well in a small conference is no different than playing mediocre in a big. Teams like Jackson State and North Texas have no shot of winning a game, but its not so much because they are in a smaller conference, but because they have to play the behemoths in the first round. Mid Major At-large bids should have gone up from 8 instead of down to 6... ya bastards. The likes of the SEC’s Arkansas and the Big 10’s Illinois screwed Drexel out of a spot in the tournament.

My only major hope for this tournament is that Florida doesn’t repeat… I don’t think I can stand to watch Joakim Noah celebrate anymore. Somebody needs to humble that kid. Maybe if I work on my mind control all week I can get him to hit a cheerleader instead of just swipe at one. Other than that I just hope for some close games and enough points to take some money in one of my brackets. Cheers and happy March Madness.

Free Bracey Wright!

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