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Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Theaters Tomorrow…

Lots of movies coming out this week… we’ve got a CGI turtles movie, Mark Wahlberg trying explain how he didn’t kill the president, a dramedy with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle, A feel-good “sports” drama, a horror sequel and a kids movie. There is also a John Malkovich film in limited release.

First off is TMNT- This film is fully animated and takes place after the second live action Turtles movie. This was one of my favorite cartoons when I was growing up and I stumbled upon the fact that a new cartoon is playing on Saturday mornings again. I guess that Shredder isn’t in this film and that Casey Jones is not his usual badass self. I read good reviews for the film but I’ll probably wait and rent it later on in the year.

SHOOTER- This is Mark Wahlberg’s new film and it seems like a cross between THE FUGITIVE and NICK OF TIME. I don’t know if I trust it, and although Marky Mark has had some good roles he’s had a lot of bad ones too. If I do see this film I probably won’t be the one who rented it.

REIGN OVER ME- The film is about former college roommates that reconnect after one (Sandler) has lost everything in the 9/11 attacks. What I like about the film is that from what I’ve read they don’t try to milk 9/11 and it’s more of a story about how a man deals with his grief over an enormous loss. This is the film that I want to see the most this week. I’m a huge fan of Don Cheadle and I feel like Adam Sandler can pull off this role. Sandler has always been funny in my eyes, but I also believe that he can act when given the chance.

PRIDE- This is a film starring Terrence Howard (CRASH, HUSTLE & FLOW) and Bernie Mac, but having two actors of that caliber won’t get me to watch the film. The film is about a college student who organizes an all inner city troubled youth swim team. Think THE MIGHTY DUCKS, HARDBALL and about half a million other films that follow the same plot. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the plot goes like this: the team is hesitant to cooperate, they get blown out of the water by the best team in their league, they come together, their best swimmer/binding element gets injured, they overcome adversity and take first place. This is based on a true story so the team may take second.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2- This is the sequel to a remake of a classic horror film. If you liked the last one you’ll probably like the second one. I’ve heard good things about the director, Martin Weisz. I guess he directed a film called ROHTENBERG about a real life cannibal that Germany refused for show in its theaters.

THE LAST MIMZY- A children’s film where two siblings find something in a toy chest that makes them smarter and allows them to go to the future or a new world or something along those lines. I’m not going to give this write-up another sentence because I don’t like wasting my precious seconds on this film.

COLOR ME KUBRICK- This film is only open in 18 theaters but I hope that it gets some buzz generated and gains a wider release. John Malkovich plays a man who gains fame by pretending to be recluse director Stanley Kubrick while the actual director was filming EYES WIDE SHUT. The film is based on true events and Malkovich can do no wrong.

Box office predictions go like this: 1.300 2.TMNT 3.THE HILLS HAVE EYES 4.WILD HOGZ 5. REIGN OVER ME

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