Some People's Kids: Remember that time the Vikings sucked?

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Remember that time the Vikings sucked?

(I realize that my friend Bits and Pieces just wrote a similar post, but muck it. I going to poat this anyway.)

Those days are over! With the blockbuster signing of receiver Bobby Wade the team is set. They might as well just give their draft picks away. This team is guaranteed no less than a spot in the Super bowl. The free agent has a total of 101 catches in only 4 years in the NFL, add that to Visanthe Shaincoe’s 35 catches in the same span and the NFL might as well just paint the word Vikings down the middle of field, ‘cause they are gonna own it!

Seriously, where the hell is the real receiver? Troy “Hands” Williamson can’t catch, Billy McMullen isn’t proven and Jermaine Wiggins, ECT. are gone. The trio of D.J Hackett, Terrence Copper and Kevin Curtis don’t sound great but anything would be better than what we have now. I know that Curtis just fired his agent and there is a chance that the Vikings can still get him, but dammit spend some money on something quality. Please, take my suggestion and pick up a veteran QB so your fans can at least watch the game into the 4th quarter.

The Vikings had 12.2 million in cap space at the beginning of free agency and they haven’t done a single cool thing with it yet. So far they’ve picked up a backup tight end and two special teamers who pretend to be a linebacker and a slot receiver. Where the hell is my pass rusher? Is it supposed to be Erasmus James? Cause he has proven himself. What about middle linebacker? Chad Greenway certainly showed us what he could do by getting injured in the pre-season and Napoleon Harris just signed with the Chiefs. I hate to say things like that about Greenway because I’m a Hawkeye fan, but we haven’t seen him play in NFL.

This team has got 2.5 billion holes to fill and they went to the dollar store to try and fill those holes… and they overpaid! I would love to be a former player of a coach on the Vikings staff. That’s how Vinny Ciurciu got picked up, he was with the Carolina panthers when Paul Ferraro when he was special teams couch there. The Vikings have become a safe haven for crappy Eagles players (see McMullen) and I, for one am none too happy about that. I say if we don’t have 3 wins by the mid point of the season Childress has to let me shave his “awesome” mustache off.

The new guys do talk a good game though. Wade was quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune saying this; “we (he and Childress) spoke a lot about running after the catch. "That's something I've done a lot in the past.”… a football player who can run and catch? You’ve got to be shitting me, impossible. I think my favorite is a Visanthe Shaincoe quote that came out of the Pioneer Press, “With this offense and this quarterback and the personnel that they have here, I’m really excited to showcase what I can do here.” Do you know something we don’t know Mr. Shaincoe? None of those things are very special, only thing he’s got to be happy about is getting out of Jeremy Shockey’s shadow. Get ready to cheer for another team ladies and germs, ‘cause this one will defiantly make you cry on every given Sunday.

Free Bracey Wright!

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